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Everything is just Blah right now

I had a great time away at the start of this week and saw some beautiful scenery. We stayed in Ballyliffin, County Donegal and drove around some of the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’.

My medication is still causing constant nausea, headaches and occasional vomiting. I’ve been advised to wait things out another week, and then contact my doctor if it hasn’t gotten any better by the end of week 2.

The title of this post is to reflect the fact that I don’t really know how I feel right now. I’m in a pretty good mood, but I have my bad moments. I had thought the new meds would help more with my concentration too.

I need to be able to concentrate overall. Not just fixate on a specific thing, but that’s what has happened this week. Everything else just takes a backseat and it’s like whatever new project I have going is all that matters. Right now it is my new Bullet Journal and planning it out – I love using Trello for this sort of thing as it lets me create a board of ideas and designs easily.

Stay Safe my Lovlies,

Erin x