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The show must go on!

Since my last post my things have been pretty good mood wise.

I had to go to my GP to get my hand looked at as it has become a little infected, a few days of changing bandages and iodine and it is well on the way to healing – if the itch is any indication anyway.

On thursday, my mind wouldnt shut up and i needed things to slow down, so upon speaking to a friend, I am now trying CBD Oil in my vape, which I must say is actually working pretty well for me.

Over the past 6 days, I have napped, tidied (a bit), washed and dried clothes (without shrinking them) and binged watched ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ on Netflix, it’s actually a really good series and I find it really funny as someone who has BPD.

I had a lovely day yesterday (Monday 22nd) at my volunteering job- lots of tea and chocolate biscuits, before meeting my mum in town – the result of which is I get to pick up a new phone on Wednesday, I’m officially jumping ship from an iPhone X to a Huawei P30 Pro.

Took one of those online personality quiz things and my results are the attached image….. it’s scarily accurate I would say.

Erin x

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